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This post is about the latest actioncam from Korean manufacturer Crosstour. Compared to the previous model, the 4K mode has been improved once again and now offers a frame rate of 50 frames per second. I wanted to take a closer look. Technical values: VideoHD 60fps / 4K 50fpsPhoto20 MPLens

Can you use an actioncam as a dashcam?

Basically, this is possible, because an actioncamwith the appropriate configuration is able to record several hours of video and there are also appropriate mounts. However, you still shouldn't do it. There is, in fact, a serious legal

Actioncam 4K, what to look out for

With the right equipment like 4K TV, 4K set-top box and of course 4K content, you get extremely sharp videos with a great contrast dynamic range. Meanwhile, many action cams are offered that allow video recording in 4K or UHD. From the